Custom Clothing Labels

Custom Clothing Labels

We offer a wide variety of custom clothing labels for your products. Whether you need a woven clothing label, satin care label or other type of custom labels for clothing, we've got you covered. Your customized clothing label order includes any fold style at no additional charge. When sewing isn't an option, consider our iron-on clothing labels or heat transfer labels. Our team is available if you need any assistance finalizing your custom clothing label design or placing your order.

Our printed labels are made with soft woven material and come in unlimited colors. These are bright vivid labels printed with photographic accuracy. If you're looking for tagless options for your clothing, consider our heat transfer labels, which are easy to apply with an iron in only 15 seconds. 

For recreational wear, such as swimsuits, outdoor clothing, and sweat-wicking clothes, our thin, transparent printed rubber TPU labels are a popular option, and also give clothing a modern look. For high-end clothes and formal attire, such as suits and wedding gowns, consider the luxurious look of satin woven tags.

If you need a higher level of detail, check out our printed Damask labels, which are screen printed on the same soft material as our woven labels. And our printed cotton labels are an excellent choice when you want that natural cotton twill look. 

And finally, our Tyvek labels - which are designed to withstand heavy duty wear and tear. These are often used in commercial applications, such as on furniture and carpets. If you don’t know which option is best for you, contact us and we’ll help you find the best label for your needs.